Tiffany Middleton


              Created custom digital experiences focused on content storytelling and audience engagement. Responsible for designing digital products, wireframes, sketches, prototypes, art direction, overseeing development and project management.

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              Designed quick digestable content on social platforms focused on capturing the attention of a younger audience in a crowded space. Developing the ability to create content native to social and reformatting digital or print content for a social space.

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              The art of design on a printed platform is one that is unique in it’s own way because it makes the content timeless. It’s one thing to invision something in the digital space, but with print once it hits the press there are no more changes. So as a designer one has to be very detailed to ensure the highest quality of content and production.

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Art Direction

              Illustrations help tell stories in a imagative way that brings together elements that a photograph may not have. It is my role to help communicate clearly with each artist in order to convey a clear message that is easy for our audience to understand quickly.

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Photo Illustrations

              Created a variety of photo based illustrations to help give stories a unique look to help set them apart from just a regular photograph. Developing a style that can be used for premium content across platforms while being true to the brands.